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Lampe Berger Fuel Mystery Patchouli

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Price: From $21.00 to $36.00
Brand: Lampe Berger
Mystery Patchouli" is a very subtle and modern composition with not overly insistent patchouli (in fact, the earthiest notes of the patchouli have been wrapped in sweet and warm chords). - A cocooning atmosphere, a real invitation to comfort and well-being. - A return to vintage perfumery (patchouli was very fashionable in perfumery in the 1960s) MYSTERY PATCHOULI : AN ELEGANT AND WARM FRAGRANCE - A sugary and sweet start note (evocative of Turkish Delight) - A wooded, sensual top note (Patchouli) Patchouli Sweet and sugary notes - Warmed by a warm and mysterious base note (warm amber notes combined with the sweetness of vanilla balm. Available in two sizes.

Intended for use as fuel for Lampe Berger only. Not for use in other lamps or for any other purpose.

SCENT METER: On a scale of 1 (light) to 5 (strong), we'd rate this scent a 3 (though your experience may markedly differ).

Lampe Berger Strength 3
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