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Cassie's Scentable Shea Butter & Vitamin E Lotion

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If you would like to add an additional scent to create a half-and-half (50/50) scent blend, please type in your selection below. (To create a more complex blend, give us a call or email.)
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Price: From $14.00 to $22.00
Brand: Cassie's Private Label
This all-over body emollient contains 5% African Shea Butter, an effective level proven to provide lasting moisture while soothing, hydrating and guarding skin from harsh environmental factors. Revitalizing sugar cane, aloe, plus anti-oxidants grapeseed and vitamin E restore softness and youth. Available in two sizes.

All Cassie's Private Label products start unscentedwe add your choice of fragrance from our scent list to transform these products into custom-scented treats! If you happen to be near our St. Louis store, empty Cassie's Private Label bottles can be refilled with the same product and scent for a 20% discount (in-store only).

Questions about our products? Take a look at the ingredients list or give us a call in the store at (314) 454-1010. We really enjoy these products and hope that you will too!
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