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Cassie's Scentable A,D&E Moisturizer

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If you would like to add an additional scent to create a half-and-half (50/50) scent blend, please type in your selection below. (To create a more complex blend, give us a call or email.)
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Price: From $14.00 to $22.00
Brand: Cassie's Private Label
A thick, enriching lotion fortified with Vitamins A, D and E, plus lecithin and special lanolin moisturizers. Formulated especially for extremely dry and sensitive skins, this extraordinary lotion soothes, smooths and silkens even the most difficult skin. Perfect for after sunbathing. Available in two sizes.

All Cassie's Private Label products start unscentedwe add your choice of fragrance from our scent list to transform these products into custom-scented treats! If you happen to be near our St. Louis store, empty Cassie's Private Label bottles can be refilled with the same product and scent for a 20% discount (in-store only).

Questions about our products? Take a look at the ingredients list or give us a call in the store at (314) 454-1010. We really enjoy these products and hope that you will too!
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